Stop, In the Name of Love
May 23, 2009
Be still, my heart. Facebook ads strike again! This time, the t-shirt company of choice is Snorg Tees, which produces a variety of different slogan/branded tees. The one they decided to show me? Lil old me? The one that reads, "Bacon Makes Everything Better." And let the church say AMEN! I wrote here about how my husband has tried to abolish all bacon from my life. It has caused me much trauma and marital strife. I'm halfway considering buying this t-shirt in solidarity for the cause of bacon and I shall wear it around my house in protest. I need them to lower the price as it's against my religion to pay $18.95 + shipping + tax for a non-fashionable t-shirt. No matter how clever it may be. I'll wait for them to put it on sale.
Posted by Ambra at May 23, 2009 11:49 AM in Fashion, Novelties




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